Dresdner Stollen® – How to store it

Dresdner Christstollen® aus dem Hause Bäckerei UllrichSeveral factors are needed to guarantee a long shelf life. A wide variety of factors - which can be influenced on the one hand by the baking operation and on the other by the consumer, meaning by you - determine the duration of shelf life. If every principle is observed, a genuine Dresdner Stollen® (Dresden Stollen) can definitely achieve a much, much longer shelf life than the minimum expiration date.

Contrary to what is frequently asserted, the baking process only has a limited effect on shelf life.

Thus, parameters such as baking temperature or baking time only have a minimal influence on storage stability. For example, mixed-grain bread is baked approximately just as long, and the baking temperature is even approx. 50°C higher than for stollen. Nevertheless, a loaf of stollen keeps much longer than bread.

The main reason for its long shelf life consists of the ingredients, especially fat content. The traditional recipe contains 500 g of butter for every 1000 g of flour. To be specific, this means that the fat in the baked loaf surrounds the other individual ingredients, thus preventing them from drying out. So the process of becoming stale is slowed down substantially.

Water content also plays a major role. There is only very little free water in a stollen loaf. Free water is water that has not bonded with other ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, candied orange peel, almonds … . Free water is responsible for the accelerated development of mould. Traditionally, there is only very little free water in a stollen loaf. The water content of the stollen on its own is not the only factor that plays a major role: storage conditions are also important. If stollen is stored in a humid location, it absorbs the water from the environment. That can then lead to the development of mould.


- Conclusion -

Stollen should be stored in a location that is cool, dry and dark. Spoiling of the butter and/or development of mould in the stollen can only be prevented for a long time by ensuring those conditions. Storage in the original tin or stollen box in a cool place that is not overly humid will ensure that the Original Dresdner Stollen® can be enjoyed for a long time.

We hope that we have given you a few useful pointers, and we wish you “bon appétit” when you are enjoying our genuine Dresdner Stollen®.